Flat Wire Belt


flat wire belt

weaving and features : common weaving ,strengthened weaving .

The flat wires are arranged in the form of lattice and jointed with the straight rods.

Flat wire conveyor belts Materials available:
Galvanized Low Carbon Steel (C1015).
Bright High Carbon Steel (C1045).
Type 201 Stainless Steel.
Type 304 Stainless Steel.
Type 316L Stainless Steel.

Flat wire belts Application:
wire mesh conveyor is widely used in petroleum, metallurgy , food machinery .
Canning and food preparation.
Baking and freezing food.
Parts cleaning.
Parts painting and drying.
Product sorting, assembly and packaging.
Parts transfer.

1. The positive sprocket drive ensures stable running.
2. Large open area ensures high air permeability and dehydration capacity.
3. The belt can be easily washed.
4. Because the belt has smooth surface,it can carry unstable products.