Sintered Wire Mesh


We supply Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh, it is a filtering cloth made by pressing multi-layer woven wire cloth, then sintered together in vacuum furnace. This kind of filtering cloth is much better than common metal woven wire mesh with good strength, hardness and good positioning of opening. Its comprehensive property is superior to sintered metal powder and porcelain.

Wire mesh is a surface-type media. It is made by weaving specific wire in predetermined patterns to form apertures of different shapes and sizes. Plain square, twilled aquare, plain dutch, and twilled dutch are common weave patterns available.

Muti-layers metal mesh is sintered by two or more layers(2~12layers) of stainless steel wire mesh, which are compressed and sintered together in vacuum. Its micron rating ranges from 0.5micron to 300micron.

Sintered Wire MeshMajor Characteristics:

Excellent strength, no inner support is required for making filter elements; no material; easily repeated cleaning; long lifespan; good anti-corrosion.

Sintered stainless steel Mesh Uses:

Sintered Wire Mesh
In chemical products filtering of polyester, oil, sulfur, etc.
In filtering of pure water, air, etc.

Major Technical Data:

Filtering Fineness: 2-60micron.
Work Temperature: -20°C to 600°C.
Max. Pressure Drop: 3.2Mpa.
Max. Size: Width: 500mm; Length: 1000mm.
Layer: 2 to 6 layers.